Corinna Clarke, detailed testimonial

Originally I’m from Germany and still love my German food. I have always been healthy or so I thought.

Recently I haven’t felt so well. I had bad stomach pains shortly after eating and felt very tired and stressed. At our first meeting Dane suggested I change my direction in food choices with new recipes that were healthy but tasty. She recommended probiotics, Vitamins B and magnesium

A week later, the pain in my stomach continued and I called Dane, she said to go to my GP and ask for a full Biochemistry & blood test done, to check thyroid, kidneys and Vitamins B.

The check-up results were frightening:
177/90 blood pressure, Vitamin B 12 levels are very low and Metabolic Syndrome.
My Triglyceride level is 6.0 totally through the roof and the Kidney results looked bad too

I have been told that I have to change my way of eating, start exercising on a daily basis or I am in risk of having a heart attack, gout and diabetes. I bet by now everybody must think I’m as big as a whale, drink and smoke. I’m not. I am only 2kg’s overweight, but carry it around my belly. I don’t drink and I thought I didn’t eat so badly.

I was so upset …stressed about having to totally change my life, learn new ways of eating and cooking. It was all very overwhelming.
Dane’s support is amazing; she made it really easy for me to make major changes in my diet and life. She knows when to eat and what to eat, more importantly she chooses food I like and what fits into my lifestyle. The food is delicious and easy to prepare.
Dane’s knowledge is incredible she explains everything so well, so everybody can understand it.

My doctor was very impressed with Dane’s knowledge and professional advice she’d given me, to help to reach my goals. With Dane’s help I managed to lower my blood pressure from 177 to 140, in 2 weeks as well as dropping off weight and centimetres around my waist.

At the moment I am on a delicious detox to get those kidney levels down and help them take a break.
I am so extremely happy to have Dane’ helping me to reach my goals and it’s a pleasure for me recommend Dane’. She is a professional perfectionist, with a heart of gold.

Thank you Dane xxxxxxx