Food for Fitness & the Waistline

Food has an amazing way of being a great ally or fearful foe.
In this package I’ll help you use food to become your ally, in order to create a strong and lean body. To do this you need certain food groups’ pre and post exercise, and for the days you’re not exercising.

A meal plan is designed using recipes created from healthy fresh foods and nutrient groups, tailored to your individual goals, for your body.

When aiming for weight loss through a healthy personalised designed meal plan, it is important to keep brain stimulation reward (BSR) in focus, meaning your food will be deliciously satisfying and rewarding, creating a SEXY HEALTHY YOU.

Food Fitness & the Waistline packages are inclusive of

  • Complimentary nutrition consultation for initial package includes,
    BMI Check, An analysis of current macro & micronutrients consumed will provide a summary of required food groups
  • Breakfast & dinner for 8 days designed to your fitness and weight loss goals
  • All food sourcing & shopping done for you
  • Fresh organic ingredients or ingredients untouched by chemicals, pesticides or GMO engineering. Fresh local ingredients where possible

Package value $855

Food Fitness & the Waistline for 2 Healthy Bodies x 8 days cooking $855
Food Fitness & the Waistline for 1 Healthy Body x 14 days cooking $855

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