Food for Healthy Hormones

Food can be hormones best friend or their mortal enemy. Stress, lack of sleep, chemically processed foods, and foods grown with pesticides feature strongly in this story.

Many try to keep their body by feeding it healthy food however some of these healthy foods are antagonists. For example; a hypothyroid sufferer needs to limit goitrogens consumption as they inhibit iodine conversion. Yet the opposite can be true for those suffering with an overactive thyroid. This is a frustrating daily problem for those unaware of what the triggers are to their general malaise.

Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are of particular importance for those with hormonal imbalances, which can impact the quality of your life.

Ideally working in collaboration with your doctor, as well as blood tests, I can design a food program, that will help lead you to a happier you without the brain fog, inflammation, fatigue & weight gain.

Foods for Healthy Hormones Packages are inclusive of

  • Complimentary nutrition consultation for initial package includes; An analysis of current macro & micronutrients consumed will provide a summary of required food groups. Blood biochemistry assessment*
  • Breakfast & dinner for 14 days designed according to your hormones & taste
  • All food sourcing & shopping done for you.
  • Fresh organic ingredients or ingredients untouched by chemicals, pesticides or GMO engineering. Fresh local ingredients where possible.

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