Food for Healthy Menopause

The word menopause, can conjure up mental images of a torture regime doled out in the Medieval Ages. Some of us are lucky and can skip through without impact, like the Japanese women, who have grown up on an oestrogen rich diet.

Unfortunately that leaves many of us bewildered as to how to protect against the multitude of potential tortures they may inflict us. Such as the hot flushes, weight gain, lack of sleep and variable moods that are some of the impacts that may affect us when oestrogen packs up her bags and leaves. The PLAN….Once you have had your hormones & biochemistry checked for hormones & nutrient levels, then your diet can be assessed and redesigned to help with mood, fatigue, insomnia, weight gain and foods that don’t trigger hot flushes.

Food for Healthy Menopause Packages include

  • Complimentary nutrition consultation for initial package includes – Blood biochemistry assessment*, An analysis of macro & micronutrients currently consumed will provide a summary of food groups required
  • Breakfast & dinner for 14 days designed designed according to your hormones & taste
  • All food sourcing & shopping done for you
  • Fresh organic ingredients or ingredients untouched by chemicals, pesticides or GMO engineering. Fresh local ingredients where possible

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