Food for Metabolic Syndrome

This syndrome is more common than you think, and to be honest a bit of a silent time bomb. I would not be surprised to hear it becoming the nation’s problem health condition.

What is it? Well it umbrellas the following to make a whole. Insulin resistance, hypertension otherwise known as high blood pressure, cholesterol abnormalities (for example, high triglycerides), and increased risk for clotting. Metabolic disorder is strongly tied to heart disease, Type 2 diabetes & fatty liver. Kidney’s maybe affected as one of my clients experienced, not to mention gout. Weight starts congregating around the mid-section, not a good place for it to hang out, and many don’t even know they are walking around with these factors taking place under the hood.

So The Plan is to have your diet, healthy and fresh. By eliminating the bad fats and introducing the good ones and of course you must get yourself active. One of my client’s blood pressures went from 177/90 to 134/90 in 3 weeks, following a meal plan and lifestyle plan her doctor and I prepared for her. It’s that easy.

Food for Metabolic Syndrome Packages are inclusive of

  • Complimentary nutrition consultation for initial package includes, Bloods including biochemistry blood assessment*, An analysis of macro & micronutrients currently consumed will provide a summary of required food groups
  • Breakfast & dinner for 14 days designed to your health needs
  • All food sourcing & shopping done for you
  • Fresh organic ingredients or ingredients untouched by chemicals, pesticides or GMO engineering. Fresh local ingredients where possible

Package value $855

Options are available

* Blood tests should be brought along if a condition is known, and a doctors advise sought when health issues are a concern. In this way I can work in collaboration with your GP to ensure you are receiving optimum health support.
* Glass ovenproof Tupperware is ideal to store and reheat in for various health reasons. These can be purchased at Target, K Mart and various department stores.

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