Food Synergy Package for Healthy Bodies

Food has the potential to create vibrance in your life, or it can be a life headed for early retirement with multiple ailments and ill health.

Food has the ability to be its best when paired with another – creating a ‘dynamic duo’. That’s to say the vitamins and minerals are made bioavailable or are multiplied many times when paired. I engage in ongoing research for these maximising health food groups to create fabulous recipes which maximise the nourishing potential of food synergy.

The Food Synergy Packages are inclusive of

  • Complimentary Nutrition Consultation -initial package includes: An analysis of current Macro & Micronutrients consumed will provide a summary of required food groups
  • Breakfast and dinner for 8 days designed for your body’s health
  • All food sourcing & shopping done for you
  • Fresh organic ingredients or ingredients untouched by chemicals, pesticides or GMO engineering. Fresh local ingredients where possible
  • A perfect solution for busy professionals

Package value $855

Food Synergy Package for 2 Healthy Bodies x 8 days cooking $855
Food Synergy Package for 1 Healthy Body x 14 days cooking $855
Food Synergy Packages are also designed & cooked for families.

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