Food for Fitness & the Waistline

Food has an amazing way of being a great ally or fearful foe. In this package I’ll help you understand how to use it to become your ally. To make your body strong and lean whilst working out, you need certain food groups’ pre and post exercise and on days you’re not exercising. Healthy fresh foods and nutrient groups are designed into recipes and a meal plan that have been tailored to your individual goals for your body. To lose weight and get to a place with eating that you are happy with, is also about targeting habitual meal times and settings, meal choices and reward based thoughts. By designing a menu that is more focused on replace and reduce, is likely to produce results that are maintained thereby creating a lasting SEXY HEALTHY YOU you that enjoys your menu.

Food Fitness & the Waistline packages are inclusive of

  • 1 hour consultation
  • BMI & macro & micro analysis
  • Bloods biochemistry analysis*
  • Food summary and instruction
  • Meal plan
  • Recipes designed for your desired goals
  • Shopping list to have you in and out of the market
  • 10 min check in & support
  • 20 mins follow up
  • Total 5 hrs

Food for Fitness & the Waistline package value $485

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