Food for Healthy Hormones

Food can be hormones best friend or its worse foe.

Stress and lack of sleep feature strongly in this story, as do pesticides and chemicals. Did you know that even feeding your body with healthy foods can come at a cost, when certain hormones are out of whack? Some of these foods are antagonists for the suffering hormones. An example of some food antagonists are goitrogens, and which iodine conversion, therefore promoting hypothyroidism. Yet the opposite can be true for those suffering with hyperthyroid. There are quite a few food considerations to take into account when nourishing hormones Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are of particular importance for those with hormonal imbalances, and can change the quality of your life.

Working in collaboration with your doctor, as well as blood tests, I can design a food program, that can lead you to a happier you without the brain fog, inflammation, fatigue & weight gain.

Food for Hormone Package is inclusive of

  • 1 hour consultation
  • Blood assessment*
  • Diet analysis & summary of required foods
  • Meal plan
  • Recipes
  • Shopping list to get you in and out of the market
  • 10 mins check in to assess & support
  • 20 min follow up
  • Total 5.5 hours

Food for Healthy Hormones package $485

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