Food for Nutrition Consult

Food in all its glory can come with its price to pay.

We are all becoming more aware these days that unhealthy food choices lead to a breakdown of healthy vital organs.

By understanding what is or isn’t going in your body, I can help guide you onto a path of nourishing your body, by being more aware of the food choices made for a healthy body. They don’t have to be radical changes and cutting out your enjoyment of food but rather modifications to give your body a break from a barrage of toxins. As the same way you would service your car and make sure it is running efficiently in order for it not to break down, so will I help you care for your body.

The Food & Nutrition Consult is inclusive of

  • 1 hour consultation
  • Assessment & analysis
  • Summation & Instruction
  • 15 min check in & support
  • 20 min follow up assessment and support

Nutrition Consult Package $285

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