Food Synergy Package for Healthy Bodies

Food has a role in creating a vibrant life or a life headed for early retirement with multiple ailments.

Food also has the potential to become its best when paired as a dynamic duo. That’s to say the vitamins and minerals are made bio available or multiplied many times when paired with a different food. I study ongoing research on these maximising health food groups, and create fabulous recipes to maximise foods nourishing potential.

Food Synergy Packages are inclusive of

  • 1 hour consultation
  • Diet diary & instruction
  • Analysis of macro & micronutrients consumed
  • Summary of required nutrients & food groups
  • Recipes (delicious & easy to make) designed to your body’s nutrient needs.
  • Meal Plan
  • Shopping list to have you in and out of the food market
  • 15 min check-up after the first week
  • 20 min follow up after 4 weeks
  • Total hours 5hrs

Food Synergy Package $455

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